HPCO is hosting this webinar presentation by Judith Wahl, Dr. Nadia Incardona and Dr. Jeff Myers to talk about the findings of a recent LCO research study and to inform providers how to best use forms within your organization related to HCC, ACP and GoC.  The cost is $25 and you may register here.

This reading list provides links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources related to Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent in Ontario.  2 pages..

This one page handout describes what Advance Care Planning is in Ontario as well as the role of the Subsitute Decision Maker and Health Practitioners in regards to Health Care Consent. 

This is a pdf copy of a presentation given by Mark Handelman for the Frontenac-Kingston Council on Aging about important considerations regarding capacity, consent and CCB hearings. Mark is one of Ontario's first members of the official Guardian Child Representation Program. Mark was appointed to the Consent & Capacity Board in 1998 and became a vice chair and senior lawyer member in 2000. He is also a lawyer member of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and a member of the Law Commission of Ontario Advisory Committee on end of life decisions. 61 slides. Last reviewed March 2017.

This pdf handout is intended as a helpful resource to address commonly asked questions and answers related to Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent in Ontario.  A number of relevant resources are linked to in order to provide more in depth information. 5 pages. Last reviewed February 2017.

The Kingston Council on Aging invites you to join an information session with Mark Handelman from 1-3pm on February 24th at the Royal Canadian Legion. You are encouraged to send your questions regarding Consent and Capacity in advance to reception@councilonagingkingston.org. This event is free for those who attended the October session and $15 for new registrants. Please see the pdf attached for the registration form.

Cette section fournit de l’information sur le partage de connaissances et les possibilités de réseautage; vous pourrez communiquer avec une Communauté de Praticiens, recevoir des avis sur les Conférences et Événements à venir, notamment la diffusion de Vidéos et de Webinaires, vous informer sur la Recherche menée dans le domaine (notamment les possibilités de financement) et consulter des Bulletins d’information.

Cette page renferme un vaste éventail de ressources sur la Planification Préalable des Soins [PPS] et le Consentement aux Soins de Santé [CSS] qui sauront intéresser les fournisseurs de soins de santé de l’Ontario. Ces ressources sont normalement fondées sur des études de recherche, puis adoptées dans un cadre visant à aider les fournisseurs de soins de santé à guider leurs patients dans le processus de Planification Préalable des Soins.

Nous offrons un vaste éventail de ressources propres à l’Ontario, spécialement conçues pour les aînés, leur famille et les soignants informels. Ces ressources sont réparties dans les catégories suivantes : Soutien en matière de décisions, Guides, Lignes directrices, Fiches d’information et documentation, Présentations, Publications et Vidéos et webinaires.

This copy of a webinar presented on January 13th 2017 by the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario Health Care Consent (HCC) and Advance Care Planning (ACP) Community of Practice provides an explanation of what HCC and ACP means in Ontario and what care providers need to know and understand to support clients/patients and their Substitute Decision Makers.