Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The University of Waterloo needs your assistance in distributing a survey that examines the prevalence and associations of health and mobility in Canadians 45 and older. 

The study is funded by the University of Waterloo International Research and Partnership Grant to examine the effects of health on mobility among Canadians.  The aim is to determine how health as well as physical, cognitive and social factors influence injury rates including driving and fall related accidents. Findings from this project will lead to program and service development that address the needs of Canadians as they age. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

We are pleased to share with you an update of our activities to date which includes an updated summarized version of the strategy that has been endorsed by the South East LHIN and reflects feedback from the webinar and survey completed in June 2016.

The Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.) committee will be hosting two Fall Prevention presentations for seniors in the South Frontenac area.  A free hot lunch is provided followed by a presentation by KFL&A Health. Seniors will learn important information and valuable tips to prevent falls while in their residence and outside during the winter months on Nov. 4th from 11:30am to 2:30pm at Glendower Hall, 1381 Westport Rd. Godfrey.   The second, November 18th luncheon and Fall Prevention presentation will be a part of a seniors expo that will be held at the Grace Hall located at 4295 Stagecoach RoadPlease pre-register for the luncheon by calling the South Frontenac Community Services Corporation (SFCSC) office at 613-376-6477.

This 4 page reading list provides links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources including:

  • fall prevention
  • collaborative teamwork approaches
  • care provider roles
  • interprofessional program development considerations
  • condition specific resources
  • resources for patients
  • a report about the experience informal caregivers in Ontario


This free online course is intended to educate people on the reasons why people fall, practical methods to reduce the risk of falling and to recognize when to seek expert help.

This brochure explains risk factors for falls as related to symptoms of MS and ways to reduce preventable falls and what to do if a fall occurs.

The authors describe the history and goals of this network which will work collaboratively to develop and implement multisite research protocols to advance knowledge on falls and falls prevention among people with MS.

This article includes recommendations from the International MS Falls Prevention Research Network.  It explains how impairments in dynamic balance are linked to falls in people with MS and that MS falls-prevention studies should use measures of dynamic balance, particularly those which capture transitions and walking.

This article provides an overview of considerations related to fall risk for those with MS and point to the need for further research.

The authors suggest that the PD-WEBB program has the potential to be implemented at a reasonable and sustainable cost within existing community services.  Through reducing falls for those with Parkinson’s disease will reduce the personal and financial costs to them, their families, health care system and community.