June 17-18, 2019 at the Bond Place Hotel - Downtown  join leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share experiences and research results on all aspects of Healthy and Active Aging. To learn more or to register click here.

Stretching Explanation

This document shows you several stretching exercises you can try at home. 

Prevention Explanation

Find out why prevention is such an important part of maintaining your health, energy and function as you get older.

Normal Aging Explanation

Understand the difference between changes that are part of the normal aging process and those that are not. 

Alcohol Use Explanation

Alcohol can affect you differently as you age. Find out more here. 

Physical Activity is Medicine for Older Adults

This review explores the evidence which stronly supports the positive association between increased levels of physical activity, exercise participation and improved health in older adults. 7 pages. Last reviewed September 2018.

Physical Activity in Older age: Perspectives for Healthy Ageing and Frailty

This publication investigates the predominantly sedentary lifestyles of older adults in the UK and how they can be encouraged to increase their activity levels, including possible risks and benefits. 24 pages. Last reviewed September 2018.

Social Participation as an Indicator of Successful Aging: An Overview of Concepts and Their Associations with Health

This article describes a study investigating the association between social participation and health in older adults. 8 pages. Last reviewed October 2018.

Tues. Oct. 30th from 8-9 AM EDT.  The webinar will focus on the impacts of ageism, exploring manifestations of ageism in various environments, showcasing good practice examples and engaging in a discussion of next steps. Presented by Prof. Liat Ayalon, Professor - Bar Ilan University, School of Social Work & Coordinator - Marie Curie Innovative Training Network, international Ph.D. program on Ageism and Dr Nena Georgantzi, Policy Coordinator Human Rights & Non-Discrimination, AGE Platform Europe & PhD Fellow, National University of Ireland Galway. To learn more or to register click here.

Promoting Social Capital in an Ageing Society: A win-win Proposition?

The author discusses social capital interventions targetting older people on health outcomes. 3 pages. Last reviewed October 2018.