This online course developed by the East Toronto Health Link (ETHeL) ACP Working Croup and Clinical Advisory Council consists of 4 modules about Advance Care Planning and covers what providers should know and do, what patients need to know and do and how to initiate ACP conversations.

This resourse provides in-depth information about supporting long-term care home staff in having conversations regarding Advance Care Planning with residents and their Substitute Decisions Makers.

This video of a presentation given by Louise Hanvey, the Project Manager for the CHPCA’s national project – Advance Care Planning in Canada: National Framework and Implementation. In that role she has been involved in the creation and launch of the National Advance Care Planning Day in Canada.  Advance Care Planning in Canada: A National Framework and Implementation is a five-year project of the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association that aims to implement a number of changes to the current practices in ACP. A National Framework has been developed through a national consultative process that facilitates collaboration across sectors.  The presentation will provide viewers with an opportunity to become familiar with the core elements of the Framework and with the tools that are currently available to both raise professional and public awareness regarding ACP and enable them to engage in the process.

This presentation will help you understand the fundamentals of Health Care Consent and the issues involved in planning care and the connection between Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning.

This presentation by Michael Newman objectives included: to identify the Consent and Capacity Board, explain when and how to access the Consent and Capacity Board, identify the legal test for capacity and substitute decision making, identify various types of Board applications as well as identify means of obtaining more information.

The presentation by Laurie Borland the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee outlines the rules for Substitute Decision-Making in Ontario.  

This presentation on Consent, Capacity and Substitute Decision Making gives an overview on the various legislative acts that form the underpinning to Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent in Ontario.

Read this primer to learn about: how to prepare for Advance Care Planning (ACP) conversations with patients and Substitute Decision-Makers (SDMs) and practical information on: consent, capacity and decision-making, how to determine who the automatic SDM is for a patient and finally how to prepare SDMs for decision making about healthcare in the future.

Ms. Debora Steele RN, MScN, NP, CPMHN(C) GNC(C)and is in the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program.

This presentation by Judith Wahl gives an overview of key points about Advance Care Planning and Health Care Consent in an Ontario community care setting.