Working with your Health Care Team Explanation

Why is it important to be an active member of your health care team? Find out here. 

Insomnia Explanation

Learn about this common sleep problem in older adults, its causes and treatments. 

Sleep and Aging Explanation

This one-page handout explains the importance of sleep for older adults and provides some tips to getting a good night's rest. 

Vision Loss Explanation

Find out what changes to your vision you can expect as you get older. 

Colorectal Cancer Screening Explanation

Stretching Explanation

This document shows you several stretching exercises you can try at home. 

Social Networks and Income Explanation

This document can help you understand some of the questions your health care provider might ask you during an appointment. 

Skin Cancer Prevention Explanation

Find out what skin cancer is and how you can protect yourself. 

Prevention Explanation

Find out why prevention is such an important part of maintaining your health, energy and function as you get older.

Normal Aging Explanation

Understand the difference between changes that are part of the normal aging process and those that are not.