Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of practitioners, caregivers, policymakers, researchers, healthcare administrators, educators and leaders who come together to exchange information on a topic related to seniors health. Community groups are commited to supporting and learn from one another to develop new knowledge and applied practice.

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CoPs that SHKN helped establish

In the past, the number of seniors with a developmental disability has been relatively small. As life spans increase, planning and partnerships across the continuum of care become essential to build new knowledge and strengthen system capacity. Seniors with a developmental disability need — and have the right to — services and supports.

Loop is the online communication platform that brings together front line workers, practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners working for the health and independence of the public through fall prevention. Loop is a place to problem-solve together and discuss how to implement evidence informed and promising practices.

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario’s Health Care Consent and Advance Care Planning Community of Practice (HCC ACP CoP) is fast becoming the Centre of Excellence for HCC ACP in Ontario and is supporting the integration of HCC ACP into practice utilizing the Ontario legal framework.

Join HPCO’s Community of Practice membership supporting the dissemination of reliable and accurate information that complies with HCC ACP in Ontario.

*This group is no longer active

The Medically At-Risk Older Drivers Community of Practice (CoP) worked to promote the safety of older drivers behind the wheel. Driving safety is an important public health concern in Canada. While age alone is not a determinant of driving safety, we do know that with age there is an increased likelihood of experiencing a health-related change that can impact driving abilities.

*This group is no longer active

The Nutrition Community of Practice (CoP) was a network of health professionals and caregivers that promoted the importance of food and nutrition for healthy aging, and shared research and best practices in nutrition care for older adults across the care continuum. The CoP was committed to supporting knowledge exchange between members of various disciplines, developing relevant resources and organizing quarterly webinars.