About the Seniors Health Knowledge Network [SHKN]

Publication/Event Date: 
Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Seniors Health Knowledge Network (SHKN, originally the Seniors Health Research Transfer Network or SHRTN) is a network of networks that mobilizes evidence, shares knowledge and brokers relationships across disciplines and sectors among: practitioners, researchers, educators, policy makers, and older adults. It initially received provincial funding between 2005-2014 but continues now through sponsorship and support of its key stakeholders.

Over the course of its existence the Network has developed:

  • A broad variety of tools and resources supportive of effective knowledge translation and exchange such as webinars, social media, newsletters, websites, and related web-based technologies which are hosted and supported by the Centre for Studies in Aging & Health at Providence Care.
  • Processes to support access to knowledge brokers
  • Support to Communities of Practice that engage care providers, researchers, policy makers and others interested in a topic related to the health and care of older adults in conversations and knowledge exchange.
  • A broad cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary and geographically dispersed membership 

Recent and ongoing activities include:

  • Partnership in Ontario’s AFC Outreach Program and the development of a Provincial Falls Prevention Strategy
  • Support to Researchers and research groups by acting as Knowledge User in several Peer-funded grant applications
  • Webinars to disseminate and increase awareness
  • Providing a monthly eNewsletter to over 4500 individuals and groups
  • Communities of Practice (current and past)