The Research & Innovation in Aging Forum (RIAF)

The Research & Innovation in Aging Forum (RIAF) is hosted by the Centre in Studies in Aging & Health and brings together researchers, clinicians and others to discuss topics related to research about and with older adults.

The forum is a platform for sharing research ideas, research in progress and completed projects with the goal to augment communication networks, have opportunities for discussion and feedback and to celebrate each other’s’ work.

Forum meetings currently occur about 6 times per year and are open to all interested to attend. The Forum was originally developed in 2011/12 and continues to strive for knowledge mobilization and productive partnerships for research in aging across our SE LHIN.


RIAF Events 2019

Toronto Social Capital Study - A Focus on the Social Lives of Toronto's Seniors ~ Michael Nicin ~ February 26, 2019

RIAF Events 2018

Participation Experiences of People with Deafblindness or Dual Sensory Loss ~ Atul Jaiswal ~ December 11, 2018

Aging, Technology and Privacy ~ Dr. Lisa Carver ~ October 16, 2018 

RIAF Events 2017

Design of Devices to Increase Independence ~ Dr. Claire Davies ~ February 21, 2017 

Gazing Critically at Age-Friendly Communities ~ Dr. Mark Rosenberg ~ January 17, 2017

RIAF Events 2016

Diabetes Within Ontario’s First Nations Peoples ~ Dr. Michael Green ~ May 17, 2016

To Be or Not To Be - Getting Ready for Physician Assisted Death ~ Dr. Chris Frank ~ April 26 2016

Wound Bed Preparation: Evidence to Policy Development ~ Dr. Kevin Woo ~ June 21 2016

One Year Later - Lessons Learned from the Ontario Age-Friendly Community Planning Outreach Initiative ~ Sarah Webster & Dr. John Puxty ~ October 18, 2016

Balance Impairment and Fear of Fallng in Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes - Need to Think Beyond Peripheral Neuropathy ~ Dr. Nandini Desphande ~ November 15, 2016



RIAF Events 2015

Advance Care Planning & Goals of Care Designations ~ Dr. Neil Elford ~ May 19 2015

Problem Solving Therapy for Depression in Older Adults ~ Dr. Dallas Seitz ~ June 16, 2015

Age Friendly Communities ~ Dr. John Puxty ~ July 7, 2015

Quinte Healthlink:  Redesigning Care for Patients with Complex needs ~ Mary Woodman ~ October 20, 2015

Regional Integrated Falls Prevention & Management ~ Dr. John Puxty & Mariel Ang ~ November 17, 2015

Palliative Care - Evaluating Regional Initiatives to Reduce Hospital Utilization ~ Dr. Raymond Viola ~ December 15, 2015

Balance Impairment and Fear of Falling in Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: Need to Think Beyond Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy