Mobile Interprofessional Coaching Team (MICT I & MICT II)

In Collaboration with Queen’s University’s Interfaculty IMPACT Programand Regional, Provincial and National Partners

The Mobile Interprofessional Coaching Team (MICT & MICT II) Projects aimed to improve care and supportive intersectoral, interprofessional practice for older adults with complex, chronic and co-morbid mental and physical health issues.

Phase I (MICT I) of the project successfully built a strong foundation for interprofessional care/education via face-to-face collaboration. Building on these foundational processes and relationships, Phase II of the project (MICT II) created systems, processes and tools to foster a consistent, learner-driven and sustainable collaborative interprofessional practice.

MICT II created a practice environment that supported interprofessional care and education initiatives within and across primary care, geriatric mental health, acute care, emergency, specialized services and community sectors. The project built capacity (i.e., knowledge, skills experience) of post-licensure professionals to engage with providers in other key disciplines and sectors by:

  • Promoting a consistent, ongoing culture of collaboration established through collaborative learning sessions and ongoing access to key resources
  • Enhancing "just-in-time" learning through an interactive discussion forum
  • Encouraging a learner-driven process
  • Increasing interactivity between Family Health Team sites and decreasing dependency on content specialists
  • Decreasing primary care reliance upon extended resources


  • More effective and efficient healthcare for older adults with complex, co-morbid and chronic mental and physical health needs
  • Enhanced access to information and resources pertinent to the care of this population
  • Improved access for primary care providers to specialty knowledge, skills, experience and resources relevant to the care of older adults with complex, co-morbid and chronic mental and physical health needs
  • Improved outcomes for older adults with complex, co-morbid and chronic mental and physical health needs
  • Increased capacity of post-licensure providers in primary care, geriatric mental health, and the community sector to engage in interprofessional care activities
  • Establishment of a common vision, language and approach to the care of older adults with complex, co-morbid mental and physical health needs across the practice-education continuum
  • Role and responsibility sharing across disciplines and sectors


  • Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange (Provincial Partner)
  • Alzheimer Society of Belleville-Hastings-Quinte
  • Alzheimer Society of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
  • Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward County
  • Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health (National Partner)
  • Maple Family Health Team
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada (National Partner)
  • Prince Edward Family Health Team
  • Providence Care
  • Quality Improvement & Innovation Partnership (Provincial Partner)
  • Queen’s Family Health Team
  • Queen’s University
  • Seniors Health Knowledge Network (Provincial Partner)
  • Sharbot Lake Family Health Team


Capacity Building

  • Planning, developing and implementing geriatric curriculum for interprofessional audience. Key topics included but were not limited to: assessment and management of complex chronic care, driving and dementia, behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, psychotropics, self-management
  • Collaborative professional learning through the Sharbot Lake Family Health Team collaborative sessions
  • Interprofessional leadership forum on seniors mental health

New Processes

  • Established cross-discipline relationships through formalized face-to-face collaborative sessions
  • Established interprofessional community interest group focussed on community development activities
  • Established mobile interprofessional mental health clinics


  • Geriatric mental health toolkit to support practice
  • Living with Dementia: A guidebook for families