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Though we would like to see you on Sagelink every day, we know that in the fast-paced field of seniors’ health this is just not realistic! To keep you up to date, CSAH and SHKN publishes Linkages, a monthly e-newsletter. Linkages features updates on provincial projects related to the care of older adults, continuous learning opportunities and a monthly reading list. If you’d like to be added to our distribution list and receive Linkages directly, please sign up here.

Recent & Past Newsletters

CSAH & SHKN Linkages November 2018
Spotlight on Osteoporosis & the Older Adult

CSAH & SHKN Linkages October 2018
Spotlight on Arthritis & the Older Adult

CSAH & SHKN Linkages September 2018
Spotlight on Suicide & the Older Adult

CSAH & SHKN Linkages August 2018
Spotlight on Supporting Aging in Place

CSAH & SHKN Linkages July 2018
Spotlight on Aging, Resilience & Disease Management

CSAH & SHKN Linkages June 2018
Spotlight on Aging, Technology & Gerontechnology

CSAH & SHKN Linkages May 2018
Spotlight on Later Life Hoarding & Diogenes Syndrome

CSAH & SHKN Linkages April 2018
Spotlight on Engaging & Empowering Older Adults

CSAH & SHKN Linkages March 2018
Spotlight on Delirium and Older Adults

CSAH & SHKN Linkages February 2018
Spotlight on Sexuality and Sexual Health of Older Adults

CSAH & SHKN Linkages January 2018
Spotlight on Chronic Health Issues and the Older Adult


CSAH & SHKN Linkages December 2017
Spotlight on Health Issues Related to Season or Climate

CSAH & SHKN Linkages November 2017
Spotlight on Falls & Neurological Disorders

CSAH & SHKN Linkages October 2017
Spotlight on Substance Misuse & Abuse in the Older Adult

CSAH & SHKN Linkages September 2017
Spotlight on Understanding Care Issues of Older Immigrants