CSAH Resources

The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health continues to review and assess tools and resources for both Clinical and non-clinical audiences. 

For health care professional we offer a wide spectrum of assessment, screening & management tools as well as guidelines and protocols that address common issues that affect our agingn population.  

We also identify other resources suitable and helpful for the older person, their families and caregivers who need more information about health care issues, treatments and services.

The eFit Toolkit for Health Care Professionals


The eFit Toolkit for People & Caregivers

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If you are a regulated health care provider looking for tools and resources for assessing and treating frailty, the eFit Toolkit can provide you with targeted assessment and screening tools as well as guidelines and protocols for treatment which can improve health outcomes for your eldelry patients.  

About Our Tools

The tools are pdf forms:  an eForm is an interactive form that you can fill in and save.  A Print Form is a form that must be printed out and filled in manually.  

Choose the appropriate type of form, depending on your resources and/or those of your patients.

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If you are an older person looking to find out more about various conditions and issues that can affect your quality of life or you are a caregiver for an older person view this tookit which provides information, resources and education about aging and health.


About Our Resources

The tools are information sheets that describe conditons and associated tests and treatments.  You can also acces our eFit Online Learning for People & Caregiver Overview courses for indepth coverage of issues & conditions.