The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health

Located in the South East Local Health Integration Network, the Centre for Studies in Aging & Health (CSAH) at Providence Care in Kingston, Ontario works in collaboration with both internal and external partners to build knowledge, awareness and system capacity to promote successful aging; prevent or delay frailty and its harmful consequences; and improve care by supporting transformation in organizations that provide health services. 

We work collaboratively to build capacity with our partners in knowledge translation and exchange.  We have established a complementary relationship with the Seniors Health Knowledge Network as host of their website and Knowledge Brokers.

The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health works with affiliated health professionals, researchers, caregivers and seniors to identify opportunities for enhancing and improving the aging experience of our communities through projects and activities that promote capacity building through collaborative and inter-professional engagement. 

The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health continues to evolve partnerships and engage affiliates who continue to share their expertise, idea and invaluable contributions, through a collaborative and inter-professional enviroment pursuing a common vision of supporting excellence in care of the elderly.

Our Team at CSAH is composed of a wide variety of talented and experienced individuals. The team includes healthcare professionals and others with specialty training, knowledge and practice in geriatrics, and advanced education in research, communications, graphic design, public relations and administration.

The 2017 to 2018 Annual Report highlights the current commitments, values and assets of the Centre.  This includes information about our team, activities, partnerships, funding requests, recent presentations and workshops, and future strategic opportunities.