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HPCO - Forms and Templates that are Within the Ontario Legal Framework

Start Date: 
Friday, November 24, 2017

HPCO is hosting this webinar presentation by Judith Wahl, Dr. Nadia Incardona and Dr. Jeff Myers to talk about the findings of a recent LCO research study and to inform providers how to best use forms within your organization related to HCC, ACP and GoC.  The cost is $25 and you may register here.

A recent research study published by the Law Commission of Ontario found that many forms used for HCC, ACP and GoC do not reflect the Ontario Legal Framework.  The use of such forms may result in denial of patient's decision making rights and put health care providers at risk of professional misconduct and legal liability. Obtain clarity and guidance on how to edit and or develop forms and templates within your organization as they relate to HCC, ACP and GoC conversations, including what informatin you are obligated to obtain and how to best capture that information.