ACP-HCC Resources for Health Care Providers

This page contains a comprehensive collection of resources focusing on Advance Care Planning [ACP] and Health Care Consent [HCC] that are pertinent to practice of health care providers in Ontario. These resources are generally informed by research studies, externally reviewed by experts and then adopted as a part of a framework to support health care providers in guiding patients through the Advance Care Planning process.

Use the dropdown option in the HCP Resource Navigator below to select from the following types of resources: Guidelines, Decision Support, Information Sheets & Handouts, PresentationsPublications, Videos & Webinars and Websites. Please refer to the Resources Guide in the left column for more information on these resource types.

Resource Guide

Decision Support: Resources to help patients, providers and care partners to understand the risks and benefits of different care options.

Handbook: Documentation Tools such as Workbooks, Checklists, Guidelines and Informative Publications.

Information Sheets & Handouts: These resources provide key information and include brochures.

Presentations:  Include upcoming and past in-person and online presentations. 

Publications: Include ACP & HCC Research, Reports, Statistics and Demographics relevant for people living in Ontario.

Videos & Webinars: Features a variety of videos and webinars related to ACP & HCC.

Website: Links to web-based resources.

HCP-ACP-HCC Resources for Health Care Professionals

This webinar presented by Louise Hanvey provides an overview of what Advance Care Planning (ACP) is, fosters understanding as to why ACP is important for patients with prostate cancer, teaches patients and/or their families and caregivers the steps involved in the ACP process, and how to start these types of conversations, as well as familiarize participants with the available resources on ACP.

The objectives of this presentation are to provide an overview of a framework for looking at Advance Care Planning (ACP) and Goals of Care (GOC) discussions; to look at the current evidence for the effectiveness of ACP and to appreciate the challenges involved in performing and studying ACP with frail patients.

These posters encourage people to take time over the holiday season to have Advance Care Planning conversations with family and loved ones.

The Speak Up website provides information about Advance Care Planning and how to start the process. It is intended for both famlies and health care professionals.

This presentation discusses the importance of Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Long-term Care; illustrates an ACP implementation framework as it relates to Calgary Zone Long-term Care settings and discusses strategies for embedding ACP best practices.